We deliver free alerts on Telegram and Twitter when there's a sudden Bitcoin price spike.

Spikes are often followed by volatility, which you can learn to exploit as a trader to make profits. Digitex one-click platform is perfect for learning how to trade volatility.

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Trading The Volatility

Watch this video for examples of post-spike volatility trades.

Learning to trade this way is great because you don't need to be in front of the computer all day. Our Telegram alerts notify you when a sudden price spike has just happened and it's likely to be followed by a few minutes of volatility.

Epic Bitcoin $10,000 Rebound

In this video I show you a nice rebound trade done on Bitcoin around the $10,000 price point on the 4th September 2020.

I gambled on a rebound because in recent days Bitcoin had often dropped and bounced back up immediately. So it felt like a risk worth taking at a psychologically important price point such as $10,000.